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Updated: Oct 6, 2022

I’ve recently completed the second in the series of Lake People novels by C L Bevill – as narrator and producer. Disembodied bones is the story of Leonie Simmonead. Leonie has a gift, like many of her relatives but hers is slightly different – she can sense when someone is missing – but only if they are true missed by someone else.

Her gift reveals itself to her and her family in spectacular fashion when she is still a girl and the experience scars her and those others involved for years to come but there’s no reason to imagine the episode isn’t over and done with until many years later, echoes of the past bring the memories tearing back to the surface.

Set in Buffalo Creek, Texas, the story is evocative of the ‘place’ and history of the region.  I loved creating Leonie’s voice and all of the other characters – in particular members of the police force who were all painted with a comic eye by Caren – albeit in a warm-hearted way.

Caren is adept at building tension and helping the reader (listener) suspend their disbelief so that you can easily step into the magical, yet real-feeling world she creates. Once again a young woman must use all her intelligence and resourcefulness to overcome the direst of situations.

The book has plenty of description and atmosphere alongside the mystery. Thrills and puzzles thread through the book, giving plenty for the characters to do. I have certainly been tested again as a narrator – having to find voices for such a variety of people – from small Louisianan children to old southern black women and ‘good old boys’, via Mexican, Texan and good old modern ‘accent-less (yeah, right)’ everyday people.

Lucky for me I’m recruited to narrate the next book in the series: Arcanorum – should be done in about two months time.

Meanwhile I have some free codes to giveaway if you’d like to read either of the first two books in the series. Simply contact me via my website contact form and in return I’ll just request an honest review put up on Audible.

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