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A win for us!

Ever got a bit ratty because you get too many emails? Me too. Ever take it out on ALL the companies that email you regularly? No? Well I have. And that's why I wasn't in the zone at all when the One Voice Awards were announced this year. Oh, I had entered yes - I remembered that - but I only found out I was shortlisted when I saw a friend's post and checked the website! Lovely! I thought.

But why hadn't they contacted me to let me know? Maybe it just got lost or something.

Then - nothing - no communications telling me to make an 'acceptance speech' video as I couldn't attend the Awards Dinner. I just though I hadn't won and that was that.

Until the lovely Jen Lawton-Hunt - another fabulous northern VO sent me a recording of me being announced as winner - while I was sitting in bed reading the latest Ann Patchett novel (I know I am rock and roll).

It wasn't until I had to email them to ask what to do about getting the actual award thingy that they found out I had unticked myself from all communications some time ago.

Which all adds up to a long-winded way of saying that we won the Best Overall Performance for In-store Commercial award! And that one shouldn't be so huffy with everyone just because it takes so long to work out how to work out turning off ACME Inc's marketing emails.

The winning entry is here if you want a listen. My fellow awardees are Autumn Carpenter who produced the ad and the team at Imagesound - an all round win for the North I'd say.

I'm working up to posting an image of me with the the big glass thing - I'm not a good selfie-taker. I hope you understand.

Toodlepip until next time!

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