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Photograph of Melanie Crawley, Voice Actor. She is smiling a big smile and her eyes are open very wide. Her hair is dark brown and cut in a bob style. She wears a green shirt and there is a dusky pink background behind her.


Image is the logo of the 'winner of the VOX awards 2022 award for 'best use of humour' - won by Melanie Crawley, Voice Actor.

A northern voice • A neutral voice

Good humour, down to earth kindness and honest realism.

Versatile narration and quick witted, subtle, life-like dialogue.



That's me!



I'm currently nominated for Best 'In Store' Commercial at the 2024 One Voice Awards. I am the winner of the 2022 VOX Industry award for best use of humour and was a finalist for audiobook narration in the 2023 One Voice Awards.


What sets me apart from others is my background, training and experience as an actor combined with a previous career in the arts. I worked in the music and film industries for 20 years before returning full time to acting and that's when I realised I love to use my voice.

"Melanie got it perfect first time - what an excellent service, very professional and a great quality recording, too." 
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 As an audiobook narrator I work in the UK and US for audiobook publishers including Harper Audio and W F Howes as well as directly with authors and independent publishers. I have narrated more than 50 audiobooks, mainly fiction. I'm often booked to narrate romances, fictionalised memoirs and historical fiction and I also love to narrate contemporary and historical mysteries and thrillers and non-fiction.


Recent titles include 'Dissonance' by Carol Cosman, ‘The River Through Rome by Nicholas Nicastro, ‘An Unknown Woman' by Jane Davis and the 'Thrown Away Children' series by Louise Allen.

I'm a commercial voice over artist, booked often for charity campaigns and radio advertising that needs a bit of northern comedy or a humorous take. I'm in demand for my versatility with international accents and regional dialects, I work for media companies like Bauer Media Group and Cloud Casting and brands such as Alzheimer's UK and Bloomsbury.


I work on corporate projects - from e-learning modules to explainer videos to dubbing other languages for information and documentary films. 

I'm also booked for other creative projects - from providing the voice to be part of a live dance-theatre show: 'Drowntown' by The Rhiannon Faith Company to voicing the character Joy in 'The Age Of Love' by Christopher Green and University of Sheffield - a podcast which is educational whilst being funny and entertaining.


Whatever kind of project I’m working on my approach is set on a basis of professionalism - I’m organised, focussed, consistent and I take my work and my relationship with my clients very seriously; I’m also fun to work with - I love to laugh (it helps with the jaw-tension for one thing!) and find that a good-natured approach helps a project proceed smoothly.


Its grown-up, honest, compassionate and down to earth. No-nonsense really - only a half step away from either comedic or dark and gritty. There’s a basic kindness and an underlying gentleness there and a hard-wearing, well-constructed quality to it and I'm at home conveying the drama, energy and joy in a narrative without losing that subtlety or emotion that makes it unique. I narrate like an actor for fiction - I enjoy bringing the text to life but I know when to keep things naturalistic and when to heighten the drama or humour. I am a highly versatile character actor and I can do comic timing. Check out my comedy reel if you don’t believe me.


I’m a northerner but my accent is fairly light and I often narrate / voice in a more neutral accent. I'm a wiz at accents and can usually get to grips with most of them with a little time to study. My voice age is generally adult and ranges from late 20’s into 50’s but I can provide character voices across all ages. Just wind me up and listen to me go.

If you need to hear me saying your words to help decide if my voice is right for your project - that's fine! Please provide me with a short sample of your script (about 50 words will do it) and a contact email and I'll supply a quick raw recording as an MP3 so you can have a listen. 

"Great read, understood the tone of the script and a very quick delivery. Recommended!

Previous clients and projects - selected profiles 

VOX 'Best Use of Humour' Award 2022

Listen to the radio commercial that won me and the commercial's producer the award. Produced by Rick Loynes for Bauer Media - this was an ad to promote a local company's Easter Sale. Manningham Concrete: Easter Sale Secret - broadcast across Yorkshire in April 2022

Winner of 'Best Use of Humour' VOX 2022 Melanie Crawley, Produced by Rick Loynes
00:00 / 00:30

Age of Love Podcast

Pete McKee is a Sheffield institution so I was glad to be asked to contribute to the 'Age of Love' podcast bringing his characters Frank and Joy to life. The characters were inspired by academic research by Sharron Hinchliff at University of Sheffield and Sharron then commissioned artist Christopher Green to write and produce the audio play for a project as part of Festival of the Mind 2020. The 'podcast' is still available to listen to online or you can use the audio player below. This is my second opportunity to work on a McKee project having participated in the wonderful audio play 'Classless' commissioned for the artist's 'This Class Works' exhibition.

FOTM2020AgeofLoveMelanie Crawley, Produced by Rick Loynes
00:00 / 32:10

Elin Johnston Visual Artist

I've recently contributed my voice to the videos created by award winning visual artist Elin Johnston. Elin's practice is inter-disciplinary in basis with digital process at it’s core, including Video and Experimental Moving Image, 2D Digital Imaging, and 3D Sculptural Assemblage. Through her work she investigates aspects of collective and individual corporeal presence, impact upon place, conditions of self, and making visible resonances of shared cultural, industrial, and social memory.


Elin Johnston - Visual Artist, Director / Creator / Writer

You can view some of the projects I contributed to here:

'2053' by Bruna Martini

I am the voice of the AI in the award winning short film about virtual reality and climate change by animator, illustrator and filmmaker Bruna Martini

'Family Fund: Using your iPad',  Korro Films

I narrated a series of e-learning videos for the Family Fund, produced by Korro Films.

"Absolutely spot on, the perfect voice for our local business, looking forward to working together again in the future
"Easy to work with, and happy to work with us to achieve exactly what was needed." 
"Returning customer, An excellent, precise and quick service. Many thanks... again!
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