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The Studio

My recording environment & equipment. The sound quality you can expect.

I work from a leafy part of Sheffield in the UK and have transformed my attic space into an exceptionally good quality home studio - based around my stand-alone custom designed and built vocal booth. This room may be tiny but it has special powers that help me deliver flawless audio with a very low noise floor!


I use simple, straightforward but high quality equipment that adds up to a great sound and an enjoyable experience for clients because it works really well for me and my voice. 


That begins with my mic - a Rode Nt2a - it is a great quality microphone that has a neutral sound so it doesn’t cover up my natural voice, only enhances it. The Sound on Sound review said of it: ‘It has a classy sound that comes over as both rich and natural (and is) extremely quiet.’


I use the Voice Over artist’s choice of Focusrite Scarlett Solo interface.


I work on an M1Mac Mini  to record and  M2 Macbook Air to edit. I keep a separate back-up archive of all my recordings.


Then there's my voice - I treat my voice like the valuable piece of equipment that it is - and look after it to get the best sound - I always warm my body and voice before I begin so my full resonance is present and correct.


My office is full of colour and often full of cats or our dog, Spike, trying to chew my toes.


So now you have a better picture of who I am, how and where I work and what makes me think I’m good enough to bring your words to life. If you’d like me to say your words out loud and do you proud drop me a line, I’d love to hear from you.


And if you like my voice but its not right for your current project…drop me a line anyway and I'll see if I can recommend another voice. Seriously, we’re kind souls us VOs and we like to work together to keep everyone happy - I’m a proud member of Voiceover Profiles, VO Social North, Equity and many other groups and cooperatives - I’d be happy to recommend my colleagues so you can find an excellent VO quickly and easily. Still not sure?. . .

Client Feedback. . .

“Melanie is an excellent voice over artist. She can adapt her voice to different age and accent groups. She delivers professional narrative voices, but she is also a voice actor. Her performance has such an emotion and warmth you can’t avoid being totally blown away. Highly recommend her!”
Bruna Martini, Filmmaker
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