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…Melanie Crawley's performance as poet Christina Rosetti maintains a royal elegance…it’s Crawley's portrayal of Christina's life that

thrills the imagination!

From Audiofile review of ‘The Lost Dresses of Italy’ by M. A. McLaughlin, April 24



A good audiobook narrator brings a story to life for a listener. If you're proud of your writing - hire a great narrator!

You need someone who is:

  • Trained as an actor - I have a degree in drama and experience working as a professional actor for stage, screen and radio.

  • Uses a high quality studio - I work from my broadcast quality studio.

  • Experienced - I've narrated more than 80 titles for clients including Penguin Random House, Dreamscape and Harper Collins, numerous production companies and directly for authors.

  • Highly rated by the industry - I've worked for the same clients for years, and am often cast in series of books

  • Highly rated by listeners - My narration consistently receives 5-star ratings and reviews - I have received over 2500 5* reviews on

All the samples below are from actual work - they're not demos. You can listen by genre or accent.

And if you'd like to hear your words out loud - drop me a line and I'll record a short 2-3min sample so you can hear how millions of audiobook listeners could enjoy your book.

Request a Sample





Literary Fiction

The Dubrovnik Book Club Fiction Literary Older & Younger Female Dialogue British English RP
Mrs Quinns Rise to Fame Fiction Literary Third Person Humour British Northern English
Fiction Literary First Person Narration Only Northern Irish
The Dubrovnik Book Club Fiction Literary Third Person Male & Female Dialogue Croation Accents

Historical Fiction

The Lost Dresses of Italy Fiction Literary Historical First Person British English RP
The Royal Nanny Fiction Historical First Person Older Female British London (Old)
The River Through Rome Fiction Historical Male Dialogue Humour American Mid-Atlantic


Snow, Glass, Apples Fiction Horror First Person British English Northern / Neutral
The Passion of the Ripper Fiction Horror Thriller Third Person Older & Younger Male Eastern European Accents

Psycological Thriller 

My Stepdaughters Lie Fiction Thriller First Person British English RP
The Girl in the Water Fiction Thriller First Person British English Northern

Thriller / Mystery

How to Kill Your Best Friend Fiction Thriller First Person British English RP Action
The Girl in the Water Fiction Thriller Third Person British English RP Tense
Dissonance Fiction Thriller Third Person Male Dialogue Russian Accents


The Stars Will Still Be There Memoir British Northern English
Marylins Story Memoir British RP
Silent Sisters Memoir British Liverpool (Scouse)


Your Business Your Book Non-Fiction Business British English RP
Dishing the Dirt Non-Fiction British English RP
Unsuitable for Females Non-Fiction Sport British RP Irish (Dublin)


Summer Days at Clifftop Cottage Fiction Romance Mystery Third Person British Northern English
The Heirs His Housekeeper Carried Fiction Romance Third Person British English RP Male Gen American Male Italian


Freeze Fiction Childrens Third Person British Accents
Lady Glimmer and the Children of Doubt Fiction Childrens Fantasy Third Person British English RP
Audiobook samples


British English Neutral (Modern)
British English RP (BBC English)
British English Yorkshire
British English Lancashire
British English Liverpool Scouse
American English General
Russian General
Croatian General
Irish (Northern, Belfast)


I’m the writer of the book Dishing The Dirt: The Hidden Lives of House Cleaners, and today I’ve been listening to your audio version of it. I wanted to email you direct, essentially to say, in capital letters to stress my gratitude, THANK YOU. I think you have done an amazing job, with such subtlety and sensitivity - and such compellingly accurate accents, too.

I’m absolutely thrilled with it!

Nick Duerden, Author, 'Dishing the Dirt'


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