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An ongoing narrated audio-drama podcast

Low Light is a bit like an audio-book soap. With a darkish edge. Set in a northern English town, under the moon and the watchful eye of the owl.

One of The Storytellers is dead. Eric, left alone, is grieving but he knows he as do something about the coming storm. The Mims are on the loose and unless a new Storyteller can be found, the neighbours are in for a rough ride. Not only that but Tanya and her 'business associates' are cooking up a new project. Henry is safe for now and Gavin is doing what he can but things are coming to a head for the friends and neighbours of Lower Leigh and Officer Ruby Hussain is getting involved.

Written, narrated and produced by Melanie Crawley for Crawley Voice Studio. 

Episodes available roughly monthly, start at number one!

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