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LOW LIGHT written and narrated by Melanie Crawley.

A new ongoing narrated audio-drama. 

On a cold northern street, murder is afoot! Meet the neighbours - the well-meaning, the curious and the devious. Those with seemingly humdrum lives and those who gaze out into the low light and begin to imagine a different world...

This week Lower Leigh is blanketed in snow. The crows gather ominously, the wind whips up as dark forces wait in the wings. The neighbours discuss a celebration for Padma, the police continue their enquiries and Eric trys (again) to explain the significance of Padma's death. Kat makes a confession about Henry.


Listen to excerpts below or full episodes here.


And because its summer - there's another episode out later this week to take us through to September! 

Headphones recommended - there is a little swearing and reference to violent acts but nothing graphic.

Low Light ©Melanie Crawley, Low Light Theme Tune ©Melanie Crawley Low Light SFX courtesy of zapsplat.com



A monthly chat with colleagues, clients and friends from my world of recorded voice. This is the forth in the series with master improviser and writer / actor Rachel E Thorn We talk work/life-journey's, competitive lung capacity measuring and more!

Listen to excerpts below or for the full interview listen here.

Words Out Loud ©Melanie Crawley, Words Out Loud Theme Tune ©Gerard Fletcher .


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