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The monthly newsletter from Crawley Voice Studio

Listen to excerpts from the podcasts below:

LOW LIGHT written and narrated by Melanie Crawley.

A new ongoing narrated audio-drama. 

On a cold northern street, murder is afoot! Meet the neighbours - the well-meaning, the curious and the devious. Those with seemingly humdrum lives and those who gaze out into the low light and begin to imagine a different world...

TFlorence the Boar has given Elle the opportunity to test her skills. The Mims' intention seems to be revealing itself but there's the swirling wind causing panic and injury as well as a rise in negativity among the neighbours. Ruby's got herself involved though and that can only be a good thing. Well, Gavin's pleased anyway. 24 hours to go until Mimmertime (as our Gav would have it...)

Listen to excerpts below or full episodes here.


And because its summer - there's another episode out later this week to take us through to September! 

Headphones recommended - there is a little swearing and reference to violent acts but nothing graphic.

Low Light ©Melanie Crawley, Low Light Theme Tune ©Melanie Crawley Low Light SFX courtesy of



A short series of chats with colleagues, clients and friends from my world of recorded voice. This is the forth in the series with master improviser and writer / actor Rachel E Thorn We talk work/life-journey's, competitive lung capacity measuring and more!

Listen to excerpts below or for the full interview listen here.

Words Out Loud ©Melanie Crawley, Words Out Loud Theme Tune ©Gerard Fletcher .


Please feel free to share either the videos on social media Thank you! 

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