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LOW LIGHT and industry interview series: WORDS OUT LOUD.

LOW LIGHT written and narrated by Melanie Crawley.

A new ongoing narrated audio-drama. 

On a cold northern street, murder is afoot! Meet the neighbours - the well-meaning, the curious and the devious. Those with seemingly humdrum lives and those who gaze out into the low light and begin to imagine a different world...

This week, the neighbours reel in shock as the police arrive to ask questions. Eric begins to realise the implications of what has happened. One girl runs away, another keeps quiet. There are strange alliances forming as the night's events threaten to force change on the small community.

Another episode will be available next month!

Headphones recommended - there is a little swearing and reference to violent acts but nothing graphic.

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Low Light ©Melanie Crawley, Low Light Theme Tune ©Melanie Crawley Low Light SFX courtesy of zapsplat.com



A monthly chat with colleagues, clients and friends from my world of recorded voice. This is the second in the series with renowned Voice and Accent Coach Anita Gilbert We talk work/life-journey's, competitive lung capacity measuring and more!

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Words Out Loud ©Melanie Crawley, Words Out Loud Theme Tune ©Gerard Fletcher .


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