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Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Voice, narration and the world of words out loud. A blog.

After a long hiatus, the blog is back!

I'll be posting updates here about my new voice acting and voice over projects alongside pearls of wisdom and interesting articles I find from the world of words out loud. I hope you'll subscribe and read along!

This week - I hope you'll read below and have a listen to a recently released project I participated in: RIVERSIDE - almost a northern version of The Archers and loads of fun to do...


“The feel-good, life-affirming story of love, friendship, family and new beginnings!” - an audio drama soap (a northern Archers if you will) I was involved with was released on Audible as a podcast on Wednesday 27th July. Its a full-cast drama recorded remotely from each cast-member's studio - not easy to do but massive fun!

Changes are coming to the riverside town of Ryemouth, and while some of the community are excited by new beginnings, others are finding it hard to let go of the past. When the community comes under threat from developers, can everyone put their differences aside to defend the town they love? Riverside is full of romance, heartbreak and secrets, as well as gentle wit and humour.

You’ll laugh and cry along with the family and friends of Ryemouth. The Riverside audiobook drama is based on the popular weekly magazine serial Riverside, created and written by Glenda Young. The audiobook script is written and adapted by Ian Skillicorn.

Soap-stars on Riverside

Yours truly is only a humble jobbing actor but for Riverside I was excited to work alongside some names you might remember from two popular soaps.

Becky Wright plays Susan Dougal. She was Nic Grundy in The Archers for 12 years and hit the headlines with Nic’s highly publicised death from sepsis in 2018.

Toby Laurence plays Dave Brennan. He is well known for playing Freddie Pargetter in The Archers since 2016.

Lisa Armytage plays Ruby Connor. Lisa was watched by millions of viewers on both sides of the world as Dr Beverly Robinson – wife of Jim Robinson – in Neighbours during its 80s heyday.

It was a lovely experience working with these well-known actors and the rest of the talented cast - including fellow-Sheffielders Dave McClelland and Gerard Fletcher - both seen and heard regularly on TV and Radio.

Lots more to come!

Please have a listen to the sample on Audible where you can download the whole show if you like it. I'd love to know what you think!

Visit the Riverside the Soap website!

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