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Sketch Up!

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Sketch Up! Comedy sketches written by Rachel E. Thorn, Produced by Gerard Fletcher & Melanie Crawley, Performed by Ali Mylon, Dave McClelland, Gerard Fletcher, Letty Butler, Melanie Crawley and Rachel E Thorn.

A couple of years ago, myself and a lovely group of Sheffield actors, writers and voice artists got together to have a go at producing some of Rachel E Thorns Radio Comedy Sketches because we thought they were great! And now, that project: Sketch Up! has been included in the Leicester Comedy Festival programme and its free to listen online – 45 comedy sketches – listen all in one go or individually. They range from the surreal to the domestic and sometimes incorporate a bit of both but nowhere will you find even the vaguest reference to the dreaded pandemic!

We’ve already had a 4-star review and lots of lovely feedback which is great – we weren’t quite sure what to do with all this material (nearly fell off my chair when I realised there were 45 of them. 45!) so its so lovely to get this out there and hopefully elicit a few smiles.

The writer of all the material is the super talented and prolific Rachel E. Thorn. Myself and Gerard Fletcher produced them and we all performed along with fellow actors Dave McClelland, Ali Mylon and Letty Butler.

I’m hoping to get us up and running with a remote recording set-up so we can do some more. Please do have a listen and if you enjoy them feel free to share on social media! @LeicsComedyFest for twitter users

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