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(Voice) Acting the Card

Audiobook narration

Available now.

My first narration for Pro Audio Voices - an American company and a really enjoyable project. This is lots of fun. Three women sleuthing about the English countryside hunting for lost dogs and tracking down missing people who are never quite what they seem. The action is in part contemporary and in part set in London in the 1960s - and takes us into the world of Bridge - who knew bridge was such a cut-throat business?

Death is the rule, survival the exception in 1960s Soho bridge circles.

When the SeeMs Agency detectives play bridge online in 2020, they don’t expect their opponent to die during the game and yet a post-mortem the next day proves Brian Deliverer was dead halfway through the night. Can a dead man play bridge?

Employed by Brian's daughter Karen to investigate his death, the team are led back to a notorious 1920s murder and to a missing teenager from a Sussex village in the 1960s.

Should they tell his daughter the terrible truth behind her father’s death even if it costs her everything?

Gina Cheyne has lived an amazing life - she's a writer, journalist, bridge player (of course) and aeroplane & helicopter pilot! Her books are joyful with a touch of grit and lots of complexity for the reader / listener to unravel.

The action trips along and the relationship between the three detectives is everyday and perfectly believable. Gina gives the story a great sense of place and has painted a curious little portrait of a kind of middle-classness that we recognise but that is also slightly subverted. Its an off-kilter world and all the better for it.

Recorded from my studio in Sheffield.

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