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Under the Bed

Audiobook Narration

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Dishing the Dirt tells the real-life story of house cleaners for the first time. Journalist Nick Duerden spoke to joyful cleaners, slave labourers, women who dust nude for men, gay cleaners, and butlers running the homes of multi-millionaires for this insightful, surprising and gripping non-fiction book.

Recorded from my studio in Sheffield. I was very pleased to receive this feedback from the book's author:

"I wanted to email you direct, essentially to say, in capital letters to stress my gratitude, THANK YOU. I think you have done an amazing job, with such subtlety and sensitivity – and such compellingly accurate accents, too. I’m absolutely thrilled with it – so I wanted to convey, here, both my admiration and appreciation." Nick Deurden

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