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Promoted to the Greek's Wife.

Promoted to the Greek's Wife by Lynne Graham

Audiobook Narration

Available Now.

If you like spicy, easy-to-listen-to romances with lots of sparkle to transport you away from real life for a bit - Lynne Graham's books are you. Check the 'Romance' category for links to all the titles I've narrated in this series.

Her boss’ diamond deal will change her life!

Enjoy this captivating marriage-of-convenience romance from USA Today best-selling author Lynne Graham!

Her boss needs a wife...and she’s the perfect candidate!

Receptionist Cleo’s attraction to billionaire Ari Stefanos is a fiercely kept secret. Until one sizzling night it’s deliciously exposed! Still, she knows that their passion can’t - shouldn’t - last. If the past has taught her anything, it’s that you can’t make somebody love you.

After discovering his father’s hidden family, Ari found solace in sweet Cleo’s arms.... Now, in order to adopt his orphaned niece, he needs to marry. Caring Cleo ticks every box for Ari’s bride-to-be...if only their connection didn’t make their convenient marriage so inconveniently complicated!

From Harlequin Presents: Escape to exotic locations where passion knows no bounds.

Check out all the The Stefanos Legacy books:

Book 1: Promoted to the Greek's Wife

Book 2: The Heirs His Housekeeper Carried

Book 3: The King's Christmas Heir

Recorded for Harper Audio, via Bee Audio from my studio in Sheffield.

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