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From Manchester to Roma

Rome is Where the Heart Is & A Wedding in Italy

by Tilly Tennant

Audiobook narration

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Sunshine, crisp white wine, and a sizzling Italian. Nothing could go wrong with some holiday fun...could it?

When 30-year-old Kate’s childhood sweetheart dumps her without a goodbye, she almost hits rock bottom. But she’s determined to have a fresh start and goes to Italy’s stunning capital city in search of healing. Hot sun, fresh coffee and white marble piazzas; here, Kate might be able to put herself back together. But when a glass (or three) more wine than is strictly necessary leads to questioning by a concerned policeman - a tall, Italian policeman, with wavy, black hair and cheekbones to die for - she knows she’s in trouble.

Kate and Alessandro have a spark so big you couldn’t put it out with a fire extinguisher. But Alessandro has five meddling sisters, a fearsome mama and a very beautiful ex. They’re all certain Kate isn’t the girl for him. Kate knows it’s just a holiday fling. Besides, there’s too much against them. Hoping for more would just mean getting her heart broken again. Wouldn’t it?

Sun, spaghetti and sparkling prosecco. When it comes to finding love, there’s no place like Rome....

Kate is living the dream with her gorgeous boyfriend, Alessandro, in his native city, but the reality is sometimes a little less romantic than she’d hoped. Every day in her new home is a fight against leaking pipes, her cantankerous landlord and her less-than-perfect grasp of the Italian lingo. All around her there is talk of weddings, but when a secret from her past is thrust out into the open, Kate must fight to prove to Alessandro’s formidable family that she truly is Italian marriage material. With the women in Alessandro’s life on a mission to break them apart, the cracks begin to show, and Kate starts to question if Alessandro really is the man of her dreams. Can love and the city of romance conquer all, or is that just a fairy-tale?

These titles were recorded from my studio in Sheffield.

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