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Yes we have no robots here.

Hello. You're looking for a human to say your words out loud. You found one! I'm an award winning, experienced, northern British voice actor and audiobook narrator. I have lots of voice actor and narrator friends too so if you need a different kind of voice, one of us will be able to bring your words to life in exactly the way you want. Professionally, enthusiastically and with humanity. 

Check out my website to hear my voice samples and find out about my experience, clients, studio spec or get in touch for a quote or to ask me about recommending a different kind of human voice.

Should I use an AI voice?

Its easy to use an AI tool to convert text you've written into audio. Probably free too. But there's a reason why the best brands, companies, authors and publishers won't do that. Actually there are lots of reasons. Ethics, integrity, concerns about the uncanny valley - you know that slightly weird feeling when you suspect that something isn't quite human even thought its pretending to be? You can read about the uncanny valley here.

But I have a tiny / no budget. Aren't voice actors really expensive?

Depends what you need. If you want to find a voice for a commercial that will run for a long time all around the world then yes that will cost lots of money. Need someone to voice a couple of lines on your charity's fundraising video online? Maybe you're an artist and you need a little voiceover for a project - there are times when it might just be worth asking if someone can help you out. OK, think about it like this: if everyone else on your project is working for free for a reason then ask us if we can help. If everyone else is getting paid but you just don't want to pay your VO then don't ask us to do it for free because that would be rude.

How do you book a human voice actor? 

Its easy to work with human voice actors. Listen to our voices online, contact us and ask for a quote for your project - we'll need some details about how long the script is, what its for and where it'll be used and for how long. If you've never done it before, you could start by visiting a recommended talent agency or voice actor platform. You could try Squawk Voices or Voiceover Profiles - they're good because their voice actors all have to prove they're professional and talented so you don't have to worry. Avoid places like Fiverr or Upwork - anyone can join these websites and they don't have to prove a thing.

Are AI voices good for audiobook narration?

Well, no. They're not. Not yet. Yes you can go on an AI company website and they'll let you listen to 50 one-liners and ask you if you can tell which is human and which AI to prove how good their technology is but that's not how people listen to audiobooks. Audiobooks are many hours in length. Fiction can be by turns dramatic, humorous, dark, challenging, tense - you get the idea. So if you're in need of narration for an audiobook, especially a work of fiction that tells a great story then you need a human. Otherwise your audiobook will be a bit rubbish. And who wants that? 

Thank you for choosing human!

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