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Photograph of Melanie Crawley Voice Actor, smiling at the camera wearing headphones and holding an ipad. Pink background. Melanie is wearing alight green shirt. She has dark brown hair cut in a bob and dark brown eyes.

WELCOME... the home of award-winning British Voice Actor MELANIE CRAWLEY


Commercial Reel
Audiobook Narration

Your Words, Out Loud


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One Voice Awards UK 23 Badge Nominee.png

On the first session I had with Melanie, I knew I’d been missing something special. Her exceptional acting abilities bring something magic to everything she reads.

As a producer I couldn’t ask for a more talented, creative and versatile voiceover artist. 

What’s more, everything she touches turns into awards! And rightly so. She’s brilliant!


Rick Loynes, Producer / Director at Bauer Media, Spring 2023



  • A versatile and accomplished voice artist.

  • A grown-up, honest, compassionate, well constructed voice with a hardwearing grit and humour.  

  • Trained Actor - creates well defined, believable characters.

  • Northern & RP Natural Accents.

  • Great ear for regional & international accents.

  • Great with comedy.

  • Professional Studio

  • 50+ Audiobooks Recorded

  • Clients include: Harper Audio, Bloomsbury, Cancer Research UK, Alzheimers UK, Bauer media, Staropramen

  • WINNER: Best Use of Humour VOX 22

  • FINALIST: Best Audiobook - Fiction OVA 23

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Logo image for Equity the UK actors union. Dark red / purple text 'equity' on white background with 'tragedy' and 'comedy masks above
Logo for Professional Audiobook Narrators Association. Acronym 'PANA' written in dark red next to graphic image of a book opening in shades of purple/res/green/blue with a gold coloured graphic image of a microphone at the centre. PANA is an industry membership organisation for narrators and is a mark of quality. Melanie Crawley is a member.
Logo for the Audio Publishers Association. Four circles, the first three black containing a white letter: A P A and the fourth gold containing a 'play' arrow / triangle. Industry organisation for the audiobook industry. Melanie Crawley is a member.
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