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WELCOME... the home of award-winning British Voice Actor MELANIE CRAWLEY


Your Words, Out Loud


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On the first session I had with Melanie, I knew I’d been missing something special. Her exceptional acting abilities bring something magic to everything she reads.

As a producer I couldn’t ask for a more talented, creative and versatile voiceover artist. 

What’s more, everything she touches turns into awards! And rightly so. She’s brilliant!


Rick Loynes, Producer / Director at Bauer Media, Spring 2023



  • A versatile and accomplished voice artist.

  • A grown-up, honest, compassionate, well constructed voice with a hardwearing grit and humour.  

  • Trained Actor - creates well defined, believable characters.

  • Northern & RP Natural Accents.

  • Great ear for regional & international accents.

  • Great with comedy.

  • Professional Studio

  • 50+ Audiobooks Recorded

  • Clients include: Harper Audio, Bloomsbury, Cancer Research UK, Alzheimers UK, Bauer media, Staropramen

  • WINNER: Best Use of Humour VOX 22

  • FINALIST: Best Audiobook - Fiction OVA 23

Voice Reel - 1:00
sizzle reel
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